I'm Stefan Whitelegg, a
multi-disciplinary graphic designer that has just graduated from the University of Salford!
I have a passion for bringing my ideas to life with my branding skills, motion skills and creativity.
You can check out some of my more recent projects down below! You can also download a PDF version, which takes a more in depth look at my process.


Brand Identity, Awareness Campaign
Brand Identity and marketing campaign for EnviroRental, a new bike hire scheme in Manchester.
EnviroRental Brand Reveal
Logo Sketches
Logo Grid
I wanted to create a brand identity that people in Manchester could connect with and support. A unique symbol was the perfect way to represent my brand.
Docking Station Signage
Inspired by the connecting roads in the centre of Manchester, the symbol illustrates the brand name with the letters 'ER', whilst symbolising the ideologies of the brand and its benefits.
Symbol Meanings
I've created a symbol and a brand identity that is unique and instantly recognisable. It celebrates Manchester and everything there is to offer.
Bike and Docking Station

Salford School of

Arts and Media

A new visual identity for Salford School of Arts and Media to celebrate the graduates and their creativity.
Brand Identity, Marketing Campaign
SAM Brand Meanings
Salford School of Arts and Media was in need of a fresh flexible brand identity that celebrates of the students work and the creativity the institution encourages. The school is made up of 3 areas of creatives - Arts, Media and Performance. We symbolised these through a pencil, camera and clapperboard, and realised we could simplify these into 3 shapes - triangle, circle and square. These 3 shapes make up the acronym SAM.
Initial Sketches
SAM is all of us who are a part of Salford School of Arts and Media. We are what makes the institution great. The acronym was created so the school is visualised as a person, with the students that attend expressing themselves and being creative. Because all of us are what make SAM great.
Editorial Design
Environmental Graphics
Advertising Campaign

Co-op Academy


Environmental Graphics for Co-op Academy Walkden High School.
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Visual Identity, Environmental Graphics,
Interior Design
Main Staircase Timeline
A high school should be a place where the pupils look forward to attending and look forward to their futures. I wanted to create a building that is constantly inspiring the students and celebrating their progression.
Staircase 1
Floor 2
I designed the main staircase into a timeline of high school, highlighting the different key moments the pupils will progress through.
Staircase 2
As the timeline winds up the staircase, it highlights the key points in each individual year, from Year 7 to Year 11.
Middle Floor
The students can constantly keep track of the progress they've already made, and can look forward to the challenges ahead.
Floor 4
Students spend 190 days of the year in the building, so I wanted to make it as vibrant and as warm as I possibly could.
Top Floor
The atrium is where the students spend their breaks. I filled the panels with hundreds of career inspirations. Pupils will constantly be seeing new interesting careers and will be inspired to research into them.
I collaborated with the Year 7's and asked them to do a worksheet about what their aspirations are for the future. Their responses make up with typography on the pillars.
I wanted to give the Year 7's the opportunity to look back at the end of their high school journey to see if they achieved what they set out to do.
Pupil Worksheets
You can learn more about each individual proposal and the thinking behind the designs here. >

Project Archive

You can find some of the projects I've worked on in the past below.



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