Salford School of

Arts and Media

A new visual identity for Salford School of Arts and Media to celebrate the graduates and their creativity.
Brand Identity, Marketing Campaign
SAM Brand Meanings
Salford School of Arts and Media was in need of a fresh flexible brand identity that celebrates of the students work and the creativity the institution encourages. The school is made up of 3 areas of creatives - Arts, Media and Performance. We symbolised these through a pencil, camera and clapperboard, and realised we could simplify these into 3 shapes - triangle, circle and square. These 3 shapes make up the acronym SAM.
Initial Sketches
SAM is all of us who are a part of Salford School of Arts and Media. We are what makes the institution great. The acronym was created so the school is visualised as a person, with the students that attend expressing themselves and being creative. Because all of us are what make SAM great.
Editorial Design
Environmental Graphics
Advertising Campaign